Exit 2021 with Grace and Gratitude

Exit 2021 with Grace and Gratitude

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Here we are. Another year done, and now we know the world will never be the same as it was prior to 2020. It feels as though we are obligated to choose a side of one narrative or another. We’re constantly pushed, pulled, and squawked at by the noise on our devices. Neighbour against neighbour, friend against friend, and loved ones shunning other family members. In the twenty-first century of our recorded history, who would have thought this kind of division could take place so close to home? What are the lessons in this situation?

More than ever, home is in the heart. Home is an embracing thought that wraps itself in comfortable memories of years gone by. Safe places that are warm, loving, and welcoming. Minds and bodies cherish the imaginings of what home means to us. Each and every individual, existing as one of many in this multiverse of billions of beings. We are stardust, after all. Vessels of chemistry, activated by water, charged with the energy of life.

Settle into a mindful space, quiet, and devoid of the outside world’s chaos. Breathe like a horse at rest; slow in, slow out. Curl your legs under, and relax all body parts. Let yourself drift to another place. Feel your connection to the earth, and sense the pulse of Gaia’s rhythm. The vessel that you are is made of elements found in nature, and it is in nature that your mind and body function optimally.

While the world dives further into technocratic control, there are critical decisions that need to be made about the future of mankind, and our potential withdrawal from nature. We’re not digital. We’re not artificial intelligence. We can use this technology to our advantage, but best not to become it. How far behind do we want to leave pristine forests, lakes, and rivers? How far in the past do we want to leave animals, especially horses? How do we choose a future that integrates individual freedoms, good health, and positive social networks?

Photo by Hilary Halliwell on Pexels.com

Revisiting the 25 Principles of Compassionate Equitation as written in The Compassionate Equestrian provides a window into the state of humanity Dr. Schoen and I envision throughout the book. Human beings who practice and develop their compassion, then extend that kindness and understanding toward others. Engaging with horses—and other animals—in a way that acknowledges and supports their fundamental physiology and behaviour. Creating a happier, healthier world for all by incorporating methods and technologies that uplift the spirit, honour inherent properties of health and wellbeing, and ensure that open and honest dialogue takes place among scientists, researchers, and practitioners in all related fields. Answers for a kind of future that we could look forward to with renewed enthusiasm and excitement.

In 2022, come home to your heart. Let’s try to exit this past year with as much grace as possible. Reflect inwardly on the choices you’ve made, how you’ve treated others in your circle, and your thoughts toward those elsewhere in the world.

Be blessed, be healthy, and be happy.

With endless gratitude,


p.s. Coming in January/February 2022, the launch of a new magazine from Concordia Equestrians. The Compassionate Equestrian has been a featured Associate of the organization since its beginning. I am happy to announce that after two years of writing for the newsletter, I will be please to continue as a contributor for the new (and beautiful!) online publication. Each month will feature a new essay on the chapters of the book, beginning with Principle #1 in January. https://concordiaequestrians.org/ , or on Facebook at Thoughtful Equestrians – Friends of Concordia Equestrians