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It has been quite a while since I’ve published a blog post or updated the website, but I am hoping everyone who has an interest in our 25 Principles of Compassionate Equitation has continued to learn and grow in your own practices, and your passion for creating a happier and healthier world for others.

The past seven months of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions have led many to rethink and restructure. Whether it is in business or personal lives, and by choice or due to decisions made by those in authority, nobody has escaped some degree of change in this most unusual year.

Consequently, I am making the difficult decision to archive The Compassionate Equestrian website and remove it from the internet. For now, the blog ( and social media pages on Facebook, Twitter (@CompassionEq) and Instagram (susan.greenpony) will continue as is.

The mailing lists will converge and I will do my best to remove duplicate e-mail addresses. You may receive this notice twice in the interim, and if you do, I apologize for that.

While the website is more “about” the book, I believe there is greater activity and engagement via social media. I invite all of you to submit photos, posts, stories, and updated research that supports Compassionate Equitation. Of course, our wonderful publisher, Trafalgar Square Books/Horse and Rider Books will retain the book’s page on their website.

There is still much to be done in the equestrian world, which is morphing considerably in response to the current pandemic as well. Many have had to sell horses because they have lost income. Others are purchasing horses realizing that activities such as trail riding are great for this new world of “social distancing.” And the elite of the show world have managed to gather in the wealthier corners of equestrian sport thanks to continued sponsorships and bursaries. There is still a need to encourage compassion as a foundation for all training programs, including those that keep horses performing over fences, in the dressage arena, eventing, or western disciplines.

A lot of rough methods are still employed, although we are also seeing a large resurgence of practical, time-tested classical techniques converge with relationship-building exercises and a greater awareness of the mind-body connection. This has been thanks to all of you and those in your networks who are reshaping the equine industry one horse and rider at a time. It has even become more acceptable to keep non-ridden equines for the sheer enjoyment of having horses present in one’s life. This is a win-win situation for countless numbers of horses and those who love them.

We can be kinder riders. We can be kinder to everyone. We can teach others how to be kinder. We can continue to set an example of how compassion is more effective than making demands and using bullying to get results.

The 25 Principles of Compassionate Equitation are in use as an addendum to equine learning, riding and training programs around the world. The movement continues to grow organically, and this is how we had hoped it would manifest.


For updates on TCE Co-author, Dr. Allen Schoen DVM, please see his website and the wonderful episodes he has been creating for the AWAKE TV Network. You’re sure to find some helpful information for managing your pet’s health and wellbeing, along with tips for enjoying your own mindfulness practice during this stressful time on our planet.

Monday’s 5pm PST / 8pm EST

Dr. Schoen will share his insights on the latest advances in holistic integrative animal healthcare as well as his unique expanded vision of how the human animal bond can be one way to help heal the world. His new approach is called “One Health, One Happiness Quantum Approach to Animal Healthcare”. He will be interviewing scientists and specialists in various fields as they are related to the the human animal bond including neuroscience, the new biology, and quantum physics. There will be live Q & A with the audience following the interviews. Animal lovers will be invited to be co-creative partners in the exploration of how we can unite to help create a healthier, happier, more harmonious world.

Dr. Schoen with a client’s horse

We’re very excited to announce the growth of Compassionate Equestrianism on our tiny home island in the Pacific Northwest of Canada. Juliana Brossolette has returned from Costa Rica and is doing a fabulous job of pulling together the local community with heart-based EFL sessions for Frontline Heroes and private clients, along with her extremely kind approach to training horses. Have a look at her website. She promises us that some videos will be forthcoming so those of you in other parts of the world can see how the movement continues to evolve.

Photo: Juliana and Sunny

As for me, I will continue to manage the social media sites and post relevant information on The Compassionate Equestrian’s Facebook page. Our group, The Compassionate Equestrian Network is still up and available to new members who are interested in connecting with the professionals who have integrated the 25 Principles of Compassionate Equitation into their own training programs. No matter what your discipline or breed of choice, you are welcome to join and share within a like-minded group of professional riders, instructors and practitioners.

I am also focusing on my artwork and have been thrilled to provide several dog owners of late with portraits of their beloved pets. My new personal website will be up in a month or so. Meanwhile, you can check out my page on the Salt Spring Island Painters Guild:

“Fogo” oil on canvas 11X14

Salt Spring Island Painters Guild/Susan Gordon

You can purchase some great Compassionate Equestrian logo products on my Red Bubble shop:

And lastly, remember The Compassionate Equestrian can be purchased in hard copy or e-format. This is our page on our publisher’s website:

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In kindness and with gratitude for all of you,

Susan Gordon

Co-author/writer, The Compassionate Equestrian

October 5, 2020

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